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    ProSimulator™ DCS emulation software  
  • PS-0002    ProSimulator™ CS3000 emulation software.  
  • PS-0003    ProSimulator™ Experion emulation software.
  • PS-0004    ProSimulator™ Fox I/A emulation software.
  • PS-0005    ProSimulator™ Centum VP emulation software.
  • PS-0006    ProSimulator™ ABB Harmony emulation software.
  • PS-0007    ProSimulator™ TDC3000 emulation software.
  • PS-0008    ProSimulator™ SIEMENS PCS7 Emulation Software.
    PROSIMLAB - Control & Instrumentation Suite  
  • PS-1000    PROSIMLAB - Control & Instrumentation Suite.
  • PS-1001    On-Off Level Control
  • PS-1002    On-Off Temperature Control
  • PS-1003    PI & P Controller
  • PS-1004    Pressure Controller
  • PS-1005    Level Controller
  • PS-1006    Direct and Cascade Control
  • PS-1007    Split Range Pressure Control
  • PS-1008    Ratio Control
  • PS-1009    Feedback and Feed-forward Control
  • PS-1010    Three Element Boiler Control
  • PS-1011    Control Valve Characteristics
  • PS-1012    Characteristics Co-Efficient of Control Valve
  • PS-1013    Rangeability of Control Valve
  • PS-1014    Interacting and Non-Interacting Level Systems
  • PS-1015    Basic Instrumentation Troubleshooting System
    Basic Process Operations Suite 
  • PS-2000    Basic Process Operations Suite  
  • PS-2001    Distillation
  • PS-2002    Superheated Steam Boiler
  • PS-2003    Centrifugal Pump
  • PS-2004    Flash Tank
  • PS-2005    Heat Exchanger
  • PS-2006    Natural / Forced draft furnace
  • PS-2007    CSTR
  • PS-2008    CSTR Series
  • PS-2009    Fixed bed reactor
  • PS-2010    Plug flow reactor
  • PS-2011    Cyclone separator
  • PS-2012    Crystallizer
  • PS-2013    Centrifugal Compressor
  • PS-2014    Compressor with Utilities
  • PS-2015    Reciprocating compressor
  • PS-2016    Evaporator
  • PS-2017    Blending
  • PS-2018    Gas Turbine
  • PS-2019    Ball Mill
  • PS-2020    PH Neutralization
  • PS-2021    Batch Reactor
  • PS-2022    Cement Plant Operation
    Refinery Operations Suite 
  • PS-3000    Refinery Operations Suite   
  • PS-3001    Atmospheric Distillation Unit (CDU)
  • PS-3002    Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU)
  • PS-3003    Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)
  • PS-3004    Hydrogen Generation Unit (HGU)
  • PS-3005    Hydrodeslphurization Unit (HDS)
  • PS-3006    Catalytic Reforming Unit
  • PS-3007    Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Unit (CCR)
  • PS-3008    Hydrocracking Unit (HCU)
  • PS-3009    Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU)
  • PS-3010    Amine Treating Unit (ATU)
  • PS-3011    Delayed Coker unit (DCU)
  • PS-3012    Diesel Hydrotreater Unit (DHDT)
  • PS-3013    Naptha Hydrotreating Unit (NHT)
  • PS-3014    Isomerization Unit
  • PS-3015    Kerosene Hydrotreater Unit
    Fertilizer Operations Suite 
  • PS-4000    Fertilizer Operations Suite  
  • PS-4001    Ammonia plant
  • PS-4002    Urea Plant
  • PS-4003    Sulphuric Acid plant
  • PS-4004    Phosphoric Acid plant
    Power plant Opertions Suite 
  • PS-5000    Power plant Opertions Suite  
  • PS-5010    210 MW Thermal Power plant
  • PS-5012    140 MW Thermal Power plant
  • PS-5013    600 MW Thermal Power plant
  • PS-2018    Gas Turbine Operations
  • PS-5014    Combined Cycle Power plant
  • PS-5015    Power & Utilities
  • PS-5016    Diesel Power Plant
  • PS-5017    Nuclear Power Plant

  • PS-5030    Power plant - Boiler Operations Suite
  • PS-5031    Pulveriser Fuel system
  • PS-5032    Oil Firing System
  • PS-5033    Flue Gas and Air system
  • PS-5034    Superheater & Reheater SYSTEM
  • PS-5035    Boiler Drum
  • PS-5036    Water Treatment plant

  • PS-5040    Turbine Operations Suite
  • PS-5041    Pulveriser Fuel system
  • PS-5042    Deaerator system
  • PS-5043    Condenser vacuum system
  • PS-5044    Circulating water system
  • PS-5045    Cooling water system
  • PS-5046    Gland sealing system
  • PS-5047    HP LP by-pass system
  • PS-5048    Turbine steam extraction system
  • PS-5049    Turbine lube oil system

  • PS-5050    Electrical Operations Suite
  • PS-5051    Generator cooling water system
  • PS-5052    Generator System
  • PS-5053    6.6 KV System
  • PS-5054    415 V System
  • PS-5055    220 KV Switchyard

  • PS-5060    Balance of Plant (BOP)
  • PS-5061    Coal Handling Plant
  • PS-5062    Ash Handling Plant
  • PS-5063    Cooling Tower
    Gas Oil Processing Plant Simulator Suite  
  • PS-6000     Gas Oil Processing Plant Simulator Suite  
  • PS-6001    Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP)
  • PS-6002    Degassing Plant
  • PS-6003    Gas Dehydration unit
  • PS-6004    Gas Compression Plant
  • PS-6005    LPG Unit
  • PS-6006    NGL Recovery Unit
  • PS-6007    LNG Plant
  • PS-6008    Production Wells Manifold And 3 - Phase Separator Unit
    Petrochemical Operations Suite  
  • PS-7000     Petrochemical Operations Suite  
  • PS-7001    BTX Production
  • PS-7002    ETHYLENE OXIDE Production
  • PS-7003    PHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE Production
  • PS-7004    STYRENE Production
  • PS-6006    Epichlorohydrin Unit (ECH)

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